As a singer, I've been no stranger to the music scene for years. It all started in 1992 when I was 21 years old and started covering Black Sabbath songs in a pigsty on "Rigor Mortis". That was of course the biggest thing for me as a DoomMetal lover back then. I quickly started writing my own songs. "Rigor Mortis" was later renamed into "Stark Naked Skeleton" until 1996 when UNBOUND finally came into being. Since then I've been keeping UNBOUND alive. In 2000 the debut " infinity" and in 2004 the second album "revenge for the innocent" was released.

In 1998 I joined TIEFLADER, which I made happy with my singing until 2002. Two mini-CDs were created (Tieflader-haelt nicht an für dich ; Tieflader-ganz aus metall), which I immortalized with my singing.

After TIEFLADER, my buddies started a project called 4ZYLINDER, which quickly turned out to be a serious band, where they transformed the coolest covers into a kind of "rockabilly style" with cocktail drums, double bass and acoustic guitar, long before Sasha with Dick Brave dapped this rail. With 4ZYLINDER, a demo CD has been created that contains really funny songs. 4ZYLINDER haven't been together since the end of August '06.

In 2005, MIGGE ( ex-Atrocity ) and I came up with the idea of ​​producing a few songs in this old style, since we were still familiar with the old DAF from our early youth. I sang in Croatian, which is also a very hard language.

Here is an excerpt of all the songs I sang for the respective bands:

Time is gone
I want you
Crna krv